Chemical peels consist of application of chemical agents on to the skin resulting in exfoliation and subsequent resurfacing of skin along with remodelling of collagen and elastic fibres.

Common formulations:

  • Lactipeel or milk acid peel : is an AHA derived from sour milk:
  • Glycolic peel : is an alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) also known as fruit acid which derived from sugarcane
  • Salicylic peel: is a beta hydroxy acid derived from plants
  • Retino A peels / yellow peel : vit A acid peel
  • TCA peel
  • combination peels and others


Done once in 2-3 weeks. Multiple sittings may be required[ 6-8] depending on the concern. Peel duration :15-30 min


Peels remove dead cells (s.corneum) from surface of the skin.theyalso help to hydrate the skin. Certain peels help to decrease melanin synthesis.some peels control excess oiliness in the skin .peels also help in collagen remodelling and deposition of glycosaminoglycans and thus regenerate new even toned skin.


1] prevention & treatment of acne

2] as an adjuvant in the treatment of acne scars

3] sun damaged skin/ tanned skin

4] dark spots and patches

5] dark circle around eyes

6]fine lines

7] improved skin texture and tone

Side effects

Peels are safe. Side effects are occasional, minimal and temporary. These include patchy redness and scabs.